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... the Tanzhausfest

Every year since 1986, the folk community has celebrated the Tanzhausfest in the city of Leipzig. A festival dedicated to the dance part of the European folk movement. From the beginning, the Leipzig Tanzhausfest has been an international event, always trying to gather bands from all over Europe for four days of joy and dance. Our tradition-steeped festival has been visited by quite a number of well-known and lesser-known bands. Some examples from abroad are Oyster Band (1986), Blowzabella (1989), Ar Re Yaouank (1996), Skolvan (2000), Dikanda (2003), Dobranotch (2005), Gonnagles (2010), Triple-X (2012) and Tref (2022). Some of them are such primeval acts that they no longer even exist or play for dancing events.

Since the festival is organised by a small, open-minded group of people who also happen to be avid bal-folk fans, bal-folk dancing and music is the main theme of the festival. But the "all styles of folk" part has never been abandoned. There will also be occasional opportunities to dance other common and unusual European dances.

... the association

We have been organising concerts and festivals in Leipzig for more than 30 years and can look back on a history full of good humour, young and young-at-heart people and, of course, great music.

The oldest child of the association is the Leipzig Tanzhausfest, which will celebrated its 37th anniversary in 2023 and attracts (bal-)folk fans from Germany and beyond to our hometown for four days every year. Spread over the seasons, we also have around 10 concerts by individual bands and took part in the Tanzfest International, a colourful district festival in September. At the end of the year, we organise the Silvester*Folk Festival at Colditz Castle near Leipzig.

Throughout the years, we have made it our goal to actively promote modern and ancient traditions in the field of music and dance, and thus to work for the cultivation, preservation and further development of traditional cultural assets throughout Europe.

You can find out about our other events on our website (in German only).